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We generally recommend consulting real estate surveyors BEFORE you purchase property. And what we recommend back home in the UK or US should be made mandatory in Spain: You, as a real estate purchaser, usually speak little to no Spanish and don’t know all that much about the local rules of architecture and other customs. So, why “buy a pig in a poke”? Especially here on the Costa del Sol, the legal situation of some of the property is complicated. Because of an amendment to the law (ley de Suelo 07/2002), many of the properties have been categorised as illegal, even if there is a valid planning permission. Still, since 2012, those properties can be legalised again, although not all of them.

Architects and Real Estate Surveyors, since 1996 on the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz

Even in cases of supposedly “clean” real estate in Marbella and elsewhere in Spain, it is absolutely possible that real estate ownership is not or incorrectly registered in the land registry, official reductions are missing, rights of way have not been registered, etc. We, as real estate surveyors, have direct online access to cadastre and land registry, which is how we can usually have the information ready in less than two hours.

Bühler & partners architects and real estate surveyors in Spain find out about building law and legal backgrounds, and summarise the property’s defects in written or oral form. With our report, you can generally purchase the property of your dreams on the Costa del Sol or elsewhere in Spain without any worries.

For most of us, buying our dream house is the biggest investment of our lives. The Spanish real estate – holiday real estate – comes second. When it comes to this type of investment, buyers should be very well advised, so that they know down to every last detail what it is they are buying. Does the claimed number of square metres match the home buyers report? What does the purchase deed say? Are there any things I should know before purchase, such as rights of way, dispensabilities? Are all important documents available, reductions, electric and water mains connection, etc.? Is that lovely roof terrace of the pent house now mine, just as the nice estate agent said, or does it actually belong to the community? Since we, as real estate surveyors, have direct access to the Spanish land register, we can order a land registry extract within less than 24 hours.

But, apart from the legal aspects, real estate surveyors want to know: What about roof sealing? Other construction qualities? Is the property’s value appropriate or should there be negotiations?

Each property has its “quirks”, and both the seller and the estate agent are highly interested in selling the property to you. That’s how minor cosmetic repairs are done, so that a potential buyer doesn’t see the wet walls or something similar. With your Home Inspector Spain, we detect (nearly) all of those defects, and use them to our advantage. Every defect is now valued and deducted from the purchase price, and it isn’t until that moment that you as a potential buyer can be reassured to hand in a reduced offer. Our interest consists in advising you and additionally achieving highest possible savings for you in the purchase price.

The profession of the Home Inspector is a chartered profession in the US. Real estate buyers receive advice on the state of their dream property with expert knowledge, the potential buyer purchases the property knowing exactly what they are buying. Apart from examining and listing construction defects, the Home Inspector also examines if all the given information is correct: is the house really as big as promised in the plan? Are roof slopes included when they really shouldn’t be?

So, the core of it all consists in the fact that the Home Inspector isn´t a big investment, but saves lots of cash.