Architects and Real Estate Surveyors, since 1996 on the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz

Surveyors in Spain

We, as a company, recommend that you consult with property surveyors before you begin negotiations to purchase a property. Our home inspections are intended to give you a better understanding of the property you are about to purchase and any potential issues with that property. Assuming you know little to no Spanish language and have minimal knowledge of the legal rules and customs, we make sure you are aware of and fully understand any faults that become apparent during the inspection. Especially here in the Costa del Sol, the legal requirements can be complicated due to amendments to the law in 2002 -which saw many properties being deemed illegal, even if valid planning permission had been carried out. Since 2012 some of these have been legalised again, but not all.

Even in cases of supposedly “clean” real estate in Marbella and elsewhere in Spain, it is possible for errors to be made. For example, real estate ownership is often incorrectly registered in the land registry, official reductions are missing, rights of way have not been registered, etc. We, as real estate surveyors, have direct online access to cadastre and land registry, which is how we can usually have the information ready for clients in less than two hours.

Our bühler & partners architects and surveyors in Spain can assist in finding out statistics in building laws and legal backgrounds. Through this, we can summarise a property’s defects in our homebuyer’s report. Through this procedure, it is then plausible to continue the purchase of your ideal property in the Costa del Sol or elsewhere in Spain without worries or problems incurring.

Surveying and Defects

When buying a home, it is a massive investment. You are investing a lot of money into the property; of course, you want to ensure that everything about it is in working order and the price is fair. This is why the homebuyer’s report that we draw up is so important. It ensures everything matches and is as it should be. Does the claimed number of square metres match the homebuyer’s report? What does the purchase deed say? Are there any things I should know before purchase, such as rights of way, dispensability? Are all important documents available, reductions, electric and water mains connection, etc.? Is that lovely roof terrace of the penthouse now mine, just as the estate agent said, or does it actually belong to the community? These are the types of thing that need to be investigated before you approach the selling party. Since we, as real estate surveyors, have direct access to the Spanish land register, we can order a land registry extract within less than 24 hours to move the procedure along.

As much as slight cosmetic issues can try and be covered up, anything that is harmful or worthy of reducing the price of the property, The Home Inspector Spain will discover it and use it to their advantage in their homebuyer’s report. The defects we discover are drawn up and assessed against the property’s price to determine how much the property is actually worth. From this point, and not before, the client is able to approach the seller with a reasonable offer.

The Home Inspector Spain wants to ensure that you get the property you love for the price you deserve. We will conduct a thorough examination of the property and, if there are any defects, rest assured that we will find them. Our ultimate goal is to help clients buy their dream home and save money.