When you purchase a property, it is always recommended that you do so through a real estate agent company. A real estate agent has access to in depth information and data bases, which is the kind of access you would not be able to achieve single handily.

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Real Estate Agents in Spain: will help to find the right one for you among thousands of properties

Relationships with Real Estate Companies

Although real estate companies are necessary in securing a home, you should always keep in mind that they, in a way, have their own agenda. Real estate agents of course need to make sales in order to meet a quota and spread the word and recognition of their company succeeding time and time again. Because of this, real estate companies can tend to not always cooperate well with home inspectors like ourselves, due to the fact we effectively search high and low for any negative points of a potential home for clients and report back with our home buyer reports.
Having said that, real estate companies that know they can only be fully trusted if they push for clients to get the best they deserve, will work well with home inspectors such as ourselves, thus allow an estate company to be successful with the use of our knowledge and expertise.

Real Estate Agents Spain

In terms of the quality of real estate agents Spain can offer, there is no definitive way of telling without specific recommendations or available reviews. However, real estate agents Spain-based have ideals and duties that they are bound to stick by:

  • They must give accurate and completely truthful information to all clients.
  • Each property up for sale must have accurate and planned documentation, such as building descriptions and planning schedules.
  • Since June 1st 2013, every real estate company must own what is called a Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This must be issued to the company by an architect or “aparejador” and be fully registered.
  • They must examine price reductions and other various legal requirements.
  • They must hand over a land registry excerpt that is no older than 6 months old.
  • They must appropriately and professionally advice potential buyers.
  • They must carry out professional valuations.

Although these are the principles and requirements of a real estate agent company, you must always be aware that unfortunately some companies are better than others. For this reason above all, it is important to contact The Home Inspector Spain. We as a company can talk freely to all of our clients and can make it evident when you shouldn’t buy a property. Combining our many years as architects and chartered surveyors, our experience and knowledge shows that we will go through our examination procedures thoroughly. There are no tricks in terms of real estate that can get passed us.

What to Look for Through Real Estate Companies

There are of course a number of factors you should take into account when looking for your property through a real estate agent company, which you must communicate with the company if you are looking for anything in particular. In terms of areas, you would be primarily be looking at holiday regions, medium-sized towns and/or areas close to or directly in a city centre. A destination close to the city centre should ideally have public transport lines for people to use freely and easily. If you wish to find a property that you could potentially rent out as a holiday home to others when not in use, you would wish to find a property that is attractive and appealing to you and therefore to others. You should also be looking at adequate and appropriate floor plans that have room for various decorative opportunities, and of course decent outdoor space is a plus for the property also, though if this is for a city-based apartment you may struggle. Areas that always tend to be perfect but high in price are locations within a decent distance of shopping centres and beaches.