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Like when purchasing a second-hand vehicle, you must inspect it to ensure there are no defects. Anything that seems to put the item at a fault in some way should, n turn, lessen the price of the item. The same goes for properties. There is always room to negotiate a different price if it is apparent that something is wrong with the property. If you are not sure how to go about the process of this, surveyors from The Home Inspector Spain are able to assist you.

Though the profession of a home inspector/surveyor may sound odd to you, it is a common practice. More so in America, this profession is established and trusted (American Society of Home Inspector ASHI). The American side of this profession inspects the property you are considering purchasing and examines it in detail to detect any kind of defects the property may have. This is of course necessary so that the purchaser(s) know whether or not to lessen the price they had in mind or to abandon possible negotiations all together.

We participate in your savings, that is what us motivates to find the best price for you!

The Spanish home inspector/surveyor does exactly what the American side of the profession does; we inspect the property for any form of defect that should devalue the property. Our services also include organisation of all conveyance services, documents, general plans, everything right up until the point of detailing the title deed.

We also take care in overseeing proceedings AFTER the purchase has taken place. This includes the inscription in the registry and organisation/supervising of repairing any construction defects found in our initial inspection.

The price for these services is €350 + VAT and a share in 20% of any price savings.

You prefer the “flat rate option”? No problem, we have the solution

Already discussed and prepared a buying price with the seller of the property? Great, then it is now time to negotiate the purchase price. For purchasers who are fixed on the price that has been sorted the real estate company, we as a business over our flat rate option. This option includes €350 + VAT for flats < 100 m2, or €550 + VAT for properties > than 100 m2 until a €600,000 selling price. This option is most suitable for purchasers who have previously communicated a purchase offer to the seller.

Our company will then draw up a homebuyer’s report in whatever form you wish. The use of this report helps in noticing any defects the property may have. Examples of factors we look out for are construction defects, botched construction (if discovered, how much the repairs would cost?), legality in Spain and building law standards.

Even after the homebuyer’s report has been drawn up, The Home Inspector Spain will still continue to support our client throughout the buying process. From our fee, we aim to ensure that our client maintains the highest amount of savings possible in the purchase. Out of savings made for the client, we earn our fee (please see our fee table for details). As expected, the initial €350 is not deducted from this fee.

We at The Home Inspector Spain are dedicated to our clients 100%. We are able to survey properties for you all over Spain and are able to negotiate with sellers or real estate companies on your behalf in Spanish, English and German.